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5 stars for Lost in the Seven Worlds by Petronela Ungureanu

Lost in the Seven WorldsLost in the Seven Worlds by Petronela Ungureanu
My rating:5star30 5 of 5 stars

This is an intriguing, short story. I enjoyed Petronela’s writing style and her unique vision. My only criticism is that it left me with too many questions. If this was a stand alone story, I’d be hesitant to rate it so highly, but I have it on good authority that this is just a taste of what’s to come.

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5 stars for Orgy in the Valley of the Lust Larvae by Justine G

5star30“Brace yourselves…”OrgyInTheValleyOfTheLustLarvae_313px-187x300

Another mind warping, erotic tale from the imagination of Justine Geoffrey, with a twist I didn’t expect.

The sex crazed crew of the spaceship VEIL OF ISHTAR makes an emergency landing on a planet full of sex crazed aliens. I’ll let you guess what happens next. Here’s a hint: they don’t call them Lust Larvae for nothing.

If you like weird sex you owe it to yourself to read this author.


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5 stars for Green Fever Dream by Justine G

5star30One heck of a fun rough ride.GreenFeverDream.jpg

Many times a series will open with a tremendous story and everything that follows feels like the creator is trying to recapture that original glory. I’m happy to say this is not one of those occasions.

The Blackstone Erotic series started strong with Red Monolith Frenzy and the story keeps getting better. After reading Summonings and RMF I thought I knew what to expect from Green Fever Dream but the way Justine, Priestess of the Blackstone, developed as a character caught me totally off guard. I was genuinely thrilled to see this side of her that I didn’t know existed.

There’s plenty of mind blowing freaky sex. Some is quite disturbing and some is just crazy hot. Amidst the less than wholesome magically enhanced activities, insane psycho-sexual encounters with demonic creatures, and cruelty perpetrated upon beings from this world and beyond, I found a human connection that captured my heart. Way to go Justine G. I’m totally hooked.

5 stars for Red Monolith Frenzy by Justine G

5star30Freaky weird sex.RedMonolithFrenzy.jpg

Red Monolith Frenzy is an extremely twisted tale of the magically enhanced sexual adventures of Justine G; the horniest young woman in all known realms of existence, probably the unknown ones too. She makes a nymphomaniac on aphrodisiacs look positively frigid.

This book is written in the same smooth, flowing style as Summonings book one, Anicka and Kamil. It’s a very fun, completely disturbing read. The story immediately drew me in and swept me right along to the end.

Fifty Shades was only banned from the libraries. I have a feeling that Justine’s books will be banned from the planet.

If you want to read Red Monolith Frenzy, do it today. Tomorrow it might be locked in a secret vault at the bottom of a deep dark mineshaft, for the rest of eternity.