Headed for Sunrise

I plunged my hard shaft to the limit of her depth, twisted slightly, and admired her beauty brightening before me. I twisted further feeling her resistance to the motion. She bucked and shuttered under the pressure, groaning and protesting with the strain, but I held firm not backing off until she purred like a kitten. I gave her a couple sharp pats and she moaned, trembling beneath me, letting me know she was ready to take everything I could give her. And I was ready to take her as far as she could go. I eased out to the edge and hesitated, savoring being surrounded by her warmth, absorbing her luxurious softness, surrendering to the power she’d never know she held over me. I gripped her tightly and pushed down hard. She squealed into the darkness swishing her rear from side to side. And we tore off down the road headed for sunrise.
Copyright Kelley J. Nightrose 2015

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