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Riding With Grayson

When two sex starved strangers wind up in the same bus seat, the ride gets way too hot for mass transit. Rosanna and Grayson get off to a rolling start on the way to work. But Rosanna’s best friend wants Grayson for himself, and may drive the new lovers apart on the rush hour ride home.
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Summer at the Lake

Robert and Ashley met the previous year while both were on an end-of-the-summer family outing. Their relationship was hot and heavy right from the start but something happened that’s had Ashley keeping Robert at a distance ever since leaving the lake. He convinces her to return to lake house with him to work through their issue, but discovers that their problem could be impossible to solve.






Love and Terror in the High Andes

Angela, a young British journalist, tags along with a scientific research team into the high Andean forests of Peru and finds herself the lone survivor after a vicious attack by bloodthirsty predators. Her only hope lies with Jason, a gorgeous wild man. Unable to communicate verbally Angela and Jason discover that, sometimes, words are unnecessary. The most important things are best when experienced. In the midst of their desperate struggle to stay alive Angela finds the one place she belongs; in Jason’s arms. But saving her could cost him everything.

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New Hope is a community full of dark secrets from the past and people willing to go to any lengths to keep them buried. If Tabitha Johnson is to have any hope of surviving in her creepy old house and finding love, she’ll have to unlock deadly mysteries and discover the identity of her sexy dream lover.



UNAVAILABLE The Sweet Taste of BrandywineBrandywine 200x300

Brandywine Maddox was living a perfectly ordinary life in 18th century England. She and William Chesney, her best friend and the love of her life, had their future together all planned out until everything went wrong. Her father and brother were lost at sea. Her mother, unable to cope with the loss, withdrew into her own little world. Just when Brandywine thought things were as bad as they could get, she discovered that William was engaged to marry another woman. Now with no one to turn to, she has a choice; accept her fate and live a life of sorrow or fight to win back the man she loves.